Dates Paste


Date Paste is a natural and highly nutritious ingredient for the confectionery and bakery industries.

It can also be consumed directly and mixed with other ingredients as a healthy and nutritious snack.


100% Natural and Raw/ No Additives, Preservatives or GMO's/ No Added Sugar


  • Filling for biscuits, ma'moul, pastries and other baked goods.
  • Main ingredient for energy bars, fruit bars and healthy snacks.
  • Base for fruit flavored yoghurts and sauces, i.e. Ketchup, BBQ sauces.
  • Ingredient for baby food, spreads, jams and other confectionery goods.
  • Consumed directly as a healthy spread, or mixed with other ingredients.

 Health Benefits

  • Highly nutritious - full of vitamins and minerals
  • Helps strengthen the immune system and aids in the formation of new body cells. 
  • High iron content maintains healthy levels of hemoglobin, making it a perfect  supplement for iron deficiencies.
  • High fibre content promotes healthy bowel movement and helps prevent abdominal disorders.
  • High content of calcium and minerals such as phosphorus and Vitamin A strengthens bones and prevent osteoporosis.
  • High potassium content protects from neuro-diseases such as Alzheimer's.
  • Studies prove that various types of dates have antioxidant, anti-mutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties.